Make way for the future of education

LINK VR Showcase is the world’s largest immersive tech (XR) event focused on education. Part conference, part expo, part hackathon, LINK convenes key leaders in the worlds of immersive technology and education, and creates space for accelerating the adoption of XR in education. Join developers, researchers, change agents, educators, and more in experiencing applications that are shaping the way the students of tomorrow will learn.

LINK will be held June 6-7, 2018 at the Austin Convention Center, conveniently located in downtown Austin, TX.

What’s in a name?

LINK VR Showcase is named for Edwin Link (1904-1981), a pioneer in many fields, including immersive technology for education. In 1929, he invented the Link Flight Trainer, a simulator that taught pilots to fly by instruments in a much safer way than the alternative. Link’s forward-thinking approach was rooted in a passion for the new industry of flight as much as in knowledge from the family pipe organ business. Link is our inaugural event’s spirit animal, reminding us to foster these creative connections.

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